A Southern Media and Opinion Research Poll finds voters are evenly divided between Governor Edwards and Republican legislators on budget cuts. 46-percent agree with Governor Edwards who is opposed to reductions which would dramatically affect services. But, the same amount side with Republican legislators who say the budget can be cut without affecting state services.

Pollster Bernie Pinsonat says since the poll shows why Republicans are staunch in their position to reduce state spending.
"The Republicans become stronger because they go back home and say we stopped the Governor and we cut spending," Pinsonat said.
Pinsonat figures the pre-session poll about the budget shows Edwards’ 65-percent approval rating in November will be short lived.
"Look for another contentious session in 2018 because these are the numbers that display what's really happening and why the Governor tends to lose popularity during legislative sessions."
Another issue pollsters are divided on is the renewal of the one-cent sales tax set to expire June 30th. Nearly 25-percent agree to renew it with no spending reductions, just over 30-percent agree to renew it only if spending is reduced and 38-percent say don’t renew the tax and cut the budget. Pinsonat says the poll reflects comprise will be needed during the February special session.
"You're going to see some kind of compromise with budget cuts in some portion of the spending.  That's what the polls shows and that's probably what's going to happen."