On the heels of Governor Edwards’ signature of abortion restrictions, a poll is out showing 42 percent of Democratic voters would like another Democrat to challenge the incumbent in the gubernatorial race.

UL Lafayette political science professor Pearson Cross says an ambitious, pro-choice Democrat could pose a serious threat to Edwards’ reelection chances, and put their name on the map nationally, but…

“Do you want to be known as the Democrat who prevented a Democratic Governor from getting a second term? Some people might say yea, that’s reasonable, it’ll give me great name recognition, other people will say hmm, once I do that, I ruin myself with the party.”

Edwards received widespread condemnation from national Democrats for his signature of the fetal heartbeat abortion ban passed by the legislature.

Only 43 percent of Democrats say they would not like to see another Democrat, and Cross says Edwards’ signature of those abortion restrictions has presented a new challenge for his re-election effort.

“I would be very very concerned about this, and I would say that we have got to have a bridge to these people who are concerned about the abortion issue. We have got to find a way to reassure them that we support them in nearly every area.”

Among Democrats under 35-years-old, 64 percent support having another Dem option in the race.

Cross says the poll does provide some good news for Edwards. 60 percent of Democrats opposed his signing of the restrictions, but some of those pro-choice Democrats seem to still be in his corner.

“So that 17 percent (of Democrats) has clearly come to terms with well, we don’t like what he did but I am going to support him anyway.”

We Ask America, who ran the poll, is reportedly a Republican friendly polling firm.

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