Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - The mad scramble begins to recognize Mom for Mother's Day. Louisiana moms, like most, keep our schedules, make sure we have everything we need for an event or vacation, remind us to brush our teeth or wear a jacket, and have a big hug or comforting word ready when we need them. Nearly every mother I know (self included) will tell you that all she wants for Mother's Day is to spend time with her children and to be remembered.

A small gesture, even a wild flower picked from the yard, goes a long way toward letting her know that you see the things she does to make your family life run as smoothly as possible, that you notice the little tasks she tends to. Whether it's running from Opelousas to Abbeville to get the kids from one baseball field to another or hauling everything needed from Crowley to Lafayette for a recital, she always has her finger on the pulse.

Showing your appreciation for your mom or your wife is easier than you think. A card with a special message and a bouquet of flowers does the trick! But what flowers are the most popular given to Louisiana moms?

First, any flowers will make her smile. Five varieties rank among the most popular nationally, according to The Bump, as the top-searched. The favorite of Louisiana mom's lands in the middle of that list.


Not surprisingly, roses sit atop the list. More than 62% of the searches for flowers moms want are roses. You'll have lots of decisions to make when it comes to the fairest flower of them all. What color? How many? Should they be in a bouquet with others? I guarantee she will love any of them!


 Tulips are stunning flowers. They, too, come in a variety of colors. What's more, you can buy her tulips in a small pot that she can transplant to her garden to remind her of you year round.


Coming in at number 3 on the national list is the most popular flower choice, surprisingly, for Louisiana moms. Lilies of all kinds do well in our soil, so they make a great option if your Mom wants to start or expand her garden. From calla lilies to day lilies, you'll have a plethora of options.


Sunflowers make everyone smile. They are such happy flowers! If her home decor runs to sunflowers, as many do, these bright blooms will add a fresh touch and communicate your joy at having her for your mother or as the mother of your children.


Rounding out the top five are daisies. If she's a gardener, Mom will be delighted with a beautiful pot of Gerbera daisies. Or grab a ready-made bouquet from your local store. Most have them available, they are easy to grab and colorful.


Carnations, peonies, daffodils, and irises also made the top 10 list. Order a spring bouquet and have it delivered, or look for a bouquet that mixes all of them up.

Your mom or wife does everything she does for you and your family out of sheer love. Making her feel appreciated for doing it shows that you see her and her efforts. Whatever flowers you choose, they will do the trick.

Happy Mother's Day!

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