Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - The Lafayette television market is moving and shaking yet again, and the switch in positions should make viewers smile.

KLFY's Passe Partout has been a Lafayette and south Louisiana staple for more than 60 years. As with all things in broadcasting and the world in general, the show has seen both format and face changes. Long-time residents will remember names from the past like the late Jim Olivier, Gary Arnold, Lori Meaux, and Bob Moore who greeted Acadiana each weekday morning for years. More recently, Caroline Marcello and Megan Kelly sat at the anchor desk opposite morning meteorologist Chris Cozart.

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Today, Acadiana's favorite foodie Gerald Gruenig joins Sylvia Masters who has co-anchored with fill-in Danielle Duncan on Passe Partout. KLFY has named a full-time co-anchor for the long-running morning show, and he is definitely familiar to the Lafayette TV audience.

In a post on Facebook, KLFY Sports Director and anchor George Faust announced that he will make the switch to mornings. For 22 years, George has been covering local and Louisiana sports and is a popular fixture on the athletic scene. He has most of the coaches in Acadiana on speed dial. George's credibility among athletes and fans should translate well as he shifts to news.

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Facebook via KLFY News 10

George just happens to live in my neighborhood. He and I visited last year, and he was considering the switch because of his 4 children. His kids are becoming more involved in sports, and working evenings makes it difficult for him to be a part of those activities. Having worked very early mornings for the majority of my broadcasting career, I explained that it was nice to have afternoons with my children.

He's no stranger to the anchor desk. George has filled in for other personalities on Passe Partout when a second person was needed.

KLFY Vice-President and General Manager Chris Cook remarked on George's new assignment:

George has been a part of the KLFY Family for almost 22 years.   He knows how important Passe Partout is to Acadiana and what is means to be a part of the community.   Starting Monday, George will bring his experience and fun sense of humor to the number 1 morning newscast in Acadiana.

You can watch George each weekday morning starting on May 20th on Passe Partout. You can read his full message to Acadiana below.

George will soon see what it's like on the other side of the clock and spending more time with his wonderful family.

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