Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - Lafayette Consolidated Government wants to make sure you can find a place to pee during the Mardi Gras parades in Louisiana's best carnival destination. Benny Gunch even wrote a song about the difficulty finding a place to answer nature's call on Mardi Gras Day.

Revelers make sure they have all the necessary gear to enjoy the festivities. They load up their chairs, bags or wagons, have the appropriate attire, and the ever-present ice chest filled with their favorite beverages.

Unless you have an available house along the route or a place nearby to park an RV, taking care of the necessities poses a real challenge.

The porta-potties of yesteryear we remember are certainly a thing of the past, for the most part. The 21st century versions smell better, are cleaner, and are even colorful.

Thankfully, you won't need to walk very far along the route to find a porta-potty when the urge hits.

LCG is working again this year with the Broussard-based company Potty Girl. The company's website attests to their attention to giving the user a good experience when nature calls:

Potty Girl’s portable restroom provides “cleaner than clean” portalet (port-o-let), porta-potty, and portable toilet rentals.

And the porta-potties are brightly colored and easy to spot.

The portable restroom company provides facilities for several local events including Festival International, but they are also nationwide.

Potty Girl employs route drivers that ensure the cleanliness by servicing the units each night. It may not be a pleasant job, but someone has to do it! You'll be glad they offer that service, especially when you consider how far the porta-potty industry has come since they were invented.

You'll find 132 porta-potties dotting the Mardi Gras parade route from Pontiac Point (Jefferson at Surrey) all the way to Congress at Oakridge at 32 different locations.

Clusters of them are distributed in the most heavily stacked locations:

  • Downtown near the library
  • Johnston at Jefferson
  • Johnston near E. Lewis on the UL campus
  • Near Johnston at N. College

But don't worry if those aren't your spots. You'll find a porta-potty nearly every block or so.

Additionally, 18 of them will be appropriately accessible for folks who need larger restrooms.

Keep the map below handy so hunting for a place to pee is less of a challenge and keep scrolling for other suggestions of things you'll need to survive Mardi Gras.

You'd rather spend your time catching throws and having fun than searching for a john, right?

potty map
Courtesy Lafayette Consolidated Government

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