Kerri Smith is a first time pregnant mother who found a solution to her sleepless nights.  Smith came up with a brilliant solution and figured she could help others and make a profit as well....and that's where she ran into trouble!

Smith cut a pillow in half and sewed a piece of cloth between the two halves thus giving her back and belly support.  She got better sleep and determined to help others by marketing the pillow under the name of The BellyRest.  At this point Smith found out she had to pay a fee to apply those annoying tags that can't be removed by anyone but the owner of the pillow.  Smith paid the $50 fee to the state of Pennsylvania then found out she would have to pay the fee for all 15 states with the tag requirement if she sold her pillow on-line.  This would drive her costs up dramatically so she is mounting a financing campaign with IndieGoGo.

Smith has also produced a video that highlights her product and her problem.

Watch the video: