Louisianians aren't the only ones that make meals out of crawfish, apparently.

As the video starts, a puffer fish has a crawfish attached to it via the claw of the crawfish. All of this happens within a fish tank. The videographer watches as the fish swims up and wiggles, seemingly trying to detached the crawfish from it's unpuffed "skin".

The crawfish ends up letting go, but snaps another hold of the fish. It finally let's go, and that's when the puffer fish loses it's mind.

You see the fish wrap it's lips around the tail of the crawfish. At this point in the video I was laughing thinking about how crawfish boils around here go, and how proud Louisianians would be.

That was until it chops off the end of the tail! And then continues to pick it apart piece by piece!

So, as it turns out, maybe humans and puffer fish aren't all that different.

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