We are 15 months away from qualifying for the 2019 Louisiana Governor’s race. Speculation is that Republican U.S. Senator John Kennedy will challenge Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards. Pollster John Couvillon says Kennedy was elected as a Senator in 2016 and Edwards re-election campaign will likely attack the Republican from St. Tammany Parish about running for another statewide office.

"That is a concern that he has to address, plus the question of, ‘does he really want the added scrutiny that goes with being governor?’ As opposed to, as U.S. Senator, the Capital press corps loves him,” Couvillion said.

Another potential candidate is Republican U.S. Representative Ralph Abraham from Richland Parish. Couvillon says Abraham’s biggest weakness is that he’s from north Louisiana.

“Fifty-three (or) fifty-five percent of the vote is cast in Baton Rouge and New Orleans media markets alone. Getting elected governor from the strength of the Alexandria and Monroe media market, that’s not enough,” Couvillion said.

Couvillon says the big challenge for Governor Edwards is that there are 41,600 fewer Democrats registered to vote now compared to when he was elected.

“Of that 41,000 figure, there are 54,400 less white democrats, in other words, there’s been a nine percent attrition in two and a half years,” Couvillion said.

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