Reporting the news is never an easy task for members of the local media. One Detroit reporter made his story on the construction of a new skate park a bit more gnarly by doing some shredding of his own throughout the entire segment.

"He is so cool!"


That was the reaction of Victor Williams' fellow media-members after his segment on the construction of a new skate park. The news-man went through his entire segment all while showing off his own skating skills.


He was a smooth operator as he went up and down the completed portion of the park.


Williams kept it professional, rocking a suit and tie while cruising along on his board.


After a cool dismount and warm reception from his co-workers, Williams flashed a smile and a thumbs up at the camera crew. He was clearly having a blast covering this story.

See the full report from the skateboarding-reporter himself @NewsWithVictor on Twitter below.

Many on Twitter loved to see Williams tearing it up as well.

I have a feeling that Victor Williams may end up covering the grand opening of this skate park, as he is seemingly having the time of his life enjoying his hobby of choice on the job.

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