Have a pair of nice shoes you don't really wear anymore? Bring them to the Cajundome on Thursday, and you can make a difference with Souls 4 Souls.

The people with Souls 4 Souls have distributed 26 million shoes in 127 countries since 2006 to people in need, and you have a chance to do your part this Thursday at the Cajundome. If you are headed to the Ragin' Cajun Basketball games against Texas State, bring a few pairs of lightly used shoes and give them to somebody that can use them.

UL SAAC representatives will collect shoes starting at 4:30 pm, and they will continue taking donations all the way up until the start of the men's game around 7:15. They aren't picky. Any type of lightly used shoe will do.

We all have some stuff laying around the house or in the closet that we don't have use for anymore. There is somebody around the globe that would love to have your forgotten FILA's or long-lost loafers.

Clean out your closet, help some people in need, and catch some Ragin' Cajun basketball. Sounds like a good night.