August of 2016 is certainly one for the record books, going down as the wettest August recorded in the state of Louisiana. State Climatologist Barry Keim says data shows the state averaged 12 and a half inches for the month, crushing the previous record of 9.71 inches back in August of 1940.

However, he says this August was only the ninth wettest month ever when looking at all the months of the year.
“Where the wettest on record was 15.09 inches for the state of Louisiana, recorded back in May of 1907, so almost a century ago.”

Keim says August 2016 was the wettest month ever in Baton Rouge, recording a little over 30 inches in the Capital City. He says that’s also the case for the Acadiana region and the Felicianas that were hammered by the recent rain event.

“St. Martinville came in at 30.21 inches, New Iberia at 29.67 inches, Norwood was at 27.90 inches, and Lafayette was at 24.74.”

Keim says the majority of the rainfall this August came over a three to four day period.

“In Baton Rouge we went for 32 straight hours of rain with this event, that’s measurable rain, then we went 39 straight hours with at least a trace of rain.”