The change of seasons is always a great time but this year seems even more special.  The first thing that might come to mind is the Presidential election will finally be done with in less than 30 days!  That joy will be short lived no matter who wins because the country will still be in a sad state.

Things I'm enjoying the most this fall:

  • Surviving heart surgery earlier this year
  • Witnessing falling leaves one more time.
  • Watching a grandson facing a pitching machine for the first time playing "fall-ball"
  • Watching another grandson playing quarterback in pee-wee football
  • Watching yet another grandson playing tackle on the freshman team

All of the above are really monumental as far as I'm concerned because I really had doubts that any of them would occur.  My father died at 56 of lung cancer and my grandfather died at 56 due to the same heart problems that have caused my two surgeries in ten years and I've outlived that 56 year-old jinx by a long shot.  Throw in a cancer surgery and we have a surgery trifecta!

This could almost be a Thanksgiving special and for me it is.  I thank God for the medical miracles that have kept me around to enjoy my grandsons at this time of year but I also thank God for the joy all my grandchildren bring me at other times as well.  The ballet recitals, dance recitals, gymnastic competitions...they all make for exciting times in the eyes of grateful grandparents.  Throw in some autumn leaves falling, a crackling fireplace, cool weather walks with my wife and some hot cocoa and I'm about set!  There's also falling back an hour in a couple of weeks so things are looking great!

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