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Usually I'm not super interested in celebrity gossip type stories, and usually I'm not very interested in old stories. But when this one popped up as a "memory" on social media, it made me double-take.

Maybe its because I didn't see the story the first time around, or maybe I just totally forgot about it. But this is a pretty intriguing tale...with a well-known comedian being called out by a lesser known comedian for a racist exchange that happened over a decade ago in Shreveport.

Back in October of 2017, comedian and actor David Cross was called out on social media for comments that he made in a bar in Shreveport.

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Cross is best known for his performances in "Arrested Development", "Alvin and the Chipmunks", "Just Shoot Me", and the "Kung Fu Panda" series. But he was filming the movie "Year One" in Shreveport when this incident happened.

In 2017, comedian Charlyne Yi posted on Twitter than Cross offended her with racist comments when the two first met in a Shreveport bar. At this point in 2017 , the online arena was boiling over with the peak of "cancel culture", so this story took off like crazy. Cross seemed genuinely shocked by the accusations, but the culture of Twitter wasn't having it at that time.

After a little back and forth, and some intervention by his wife, Cross was eventually able to remember the episode...which he blamed on his "Shreveport" character. Cross posted on Twitter that this was his "welcome to Shreveport" greeting...

At this point, I'm not sure where this whole thing stands, because Yi has since deleted the original Tweets. So I don't know if they were able to reconcile, or what happened, but at this point the whole thing seems pretty I'm sorry to bring I back up I guess.

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