Anthony Weiner, another lackluster politician is brought into the national spotlight by under estimating the power of social networking.  It's "Just My Opinion" but it seems like there is another problem.Weiner sent a "tweet" to a young lady in Texas featuring an image of his crouch and that seems to have unveiled a number of such messages to other young women.  Some of these "tweets" were innocent enough, just thanks for their political interest.  Some say what Weiner or any other elected official does with his personal time or his personal life is just that, personal.  "It's Just My Opinion" but it seems like Weiner should have better things to do with his time.  Admittedly he did find time to impregnate his new bride of eleven months but with thousands of "tweets" to various women I wonder how much time he was actually working and how much taxpayer money was wasted on his personal time?  True everyone should have personal time to relax and rejuvenate after a hard day at work but couldn't Weiner take up golf or tennis?  Like so many elected officials and unelected high-profile public figures, Weiner thought he was "invincible"....even without the benefit of  multi-shot tequila, late night, smoke filled dives.  After denying repeatedly the "tweets" and photos now Weiner is taking a leave of absence.  Seems like he has been on a leave and maybe it's time for his constituents and colleagues offer him a permanent leave.

"It's Just My Opinion" is solely the opinion of Ken Romero.