Conservatives in the House are punching back against the Governor’s claims that they’re at fault for the legislative gridlock and partisan conflicts that ground down yet another special session. Erath Representative Blake Miguez says after a House tax plan that raised 400 dollars was rejected, some Republicans may be losing interest in voting for any revenue measure.

“I’m sort of concerned now that the house republicans extended good faith and it hasn’t been accepted. I wonder if they are willing to vote on another tax increase.”

Without additional revenue, TOPS would be cut by 30 percent, higher ed would see 96 million in cuts, and state agencies would take an across the board funding reductions.

Governor Edward’s has labeled a group of anti-tax, pro budget cut hardliners the “caucus of no” for rejecting compromise tax plans, But Miguez says the compromise bill wasn’t the governor’s half penny sales tax renewal that fully funded government, it was GOP House Chairman Lance Harris’s bill that raised a third penny and included 126 million in cuts.

“The governor had an all or nothing attitude, the critical funding they need or what they say it is why did the governor kick a gift horse in the mouth and not accept Representative Harris’ compromise bill.”

Miguez says the legislature’s current budget the fully funds healthcare, and has plenty of enough money to adequately fund other state priorities. The Erath Republican says before another special session, the governor needs to sign the budget that’s on his desk to reassure the Medicaid patients who received cancellation notices that their programs will not be cut.

“Based on the issues we’ve had with the nursing homes and hospitals I think that those individuals need to have a budget signed because they need a message from the administration of the Governor’s office saying you are a priority.”

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