An American Psychological Association report shows Generation Z, people from 15 to 21, have the worst mental health of any generation. 91% of Gen Z adults say they have felt physical or emotional symptoms, such as depression or anxiety associated with stress. LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine licensed psychologist, Dr. Richard Costa, says current events are creating the mental health issues.

"There's so much media and press about disasters and traumatic events that are going on.  It affects the way they see themselves and the world," said Costa.

Costa says in addition to what is going on in the news, coming up in a time where families were impacted directly by economic hardships, has contributed to the findings.

"The Gen Z generation have been impacted by seeing their parents lose their homes.  They're really impacted by the recession over the last ten years," said Costa.

Costa says older generations are less stressed because of perceptions changing with age.

"As time goes by, we develop coping skills.  We also develop deeper and stronger social relationships, which serves as buffers for those that are stressed," said Costa.

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