The Republican candidates for Governor made appearances yesterday at an event in Baton Rouge hosted by the Pelican Institute.  Baton Rouge businessman Eddie Rispone was the first GOP contender to announce his campaign.  When asked what makes him stand out from the other candidates, Rispone said he’s a businessman who has been in business a long time, not a politician.

“I know what it takes to make a budget, generate jobs, create jobs, fill those jobs with education.   I’ve been very involved throughout the state with workforce development.  I know all the different sectors of the economy,” said Rispone.

When asked about his focal points for his campaign, Rispone said his outsider perspective as a businessman will help enhance job growth in the state.

“Whether it’s forestry, or agriculture, shipbuilding, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, so I’ve been involved in all of that and I know what those jobs are and how they need to be filled,” said Rispone.

Rispone said for decades the state has been electing career politicians, yet Louisiana is ranked at the bottom by many metrics.  He says in many other areas, electing a businessman has shown improvement in Government.

“Let’s get someone with serious business skills, an outsider, just like we’d done with the President, just like we’d done in other areas, other states.  Arizona, Tennessee, Florida, Nebraska, all of them went to a businessperson and they’ve turned the states around,” said Rispone.

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