I've always been told to respect the office of the President even if I didn't respect the man.  It seems like that sentiment carries over into sports as well as government.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will be in New Orleans for the Super Bowl this weekend and you know it will be a challenge for Big Easy residents to be courteous.

I have no respect for the man that has done more to hurt the game of football since O.J. Simpson.  Here's a man who punished the New Orleans Saints for allegedly offering bounties to players for injuring the opposition.  Goodell punished the Saints for something that has probably been done for decades.  Whether it was done for pay or not is irrelevant.  I can't believe that in prior years coaches never told players to "take out" an opposing quarterback or wide receiver.  A revelation comes to Goodell in a dream or something and he decides he will protect all players in a violent sport!  What a nitwit!!

Two weeks before the biggest game of the year it dawns on this genius that he will have to attend a function in the city where he ticked off the entire population and he decides to shorten Sean Payton's suspension.  I wonder if he thinks shortening Payton's suspension will allow him in Mother's for a roast beef po-boy or Central Grocery for a muffaletta?  I bet some surly waiter at Cafe Du Monde would be glad to serve him beignets and a cup of hot chicory...in his lap!

I obviously have no respect for the man but wish him no harm while in New Orleans but I hope he has taken the precaution of hiring personal bodyguards.  I'm sure he will be treated fairly but I wouldn't expect speedy courteous service while there if I were him.