Lafayette is known for its great restaurants.

Some of the best food in the world can be found in Lafayette Parish. Whether it's award-winning seafood, award-winning boudin, award-winning doughnuts - well, you get the point. We have so many restaurants who excel at their craft.

And you can't forget about other restaurants that feature cuisines from across the world - Asian, Mexican, Cuban, Greek - I could go on and on.

Let's say someone is visiting Lafayette and you are tasked with taking them to a local restaurant. Which restaurant do you believe best represents Lafayette?

We posed that question to our listeners and received some interesting responses.


In addition to the great responses we received, Facebook user Tommy Hillman gave such an accurate take on the question.

Facebook Reaction

With Tommy's statement being so spot on, it was very interesting to see the various answers to our question.


Poor Boy's Riverside Inn Food, Facebook
Poor Boy's Riverside Inn Food, Facebook

The restaurant named the most times is one of the oldest, most established restaurants in Lafayette Parish - Poor Boy's Riverside Inn in Broussard. Poor Boy's has been around for over 90 years, leaving customers happy with not only it's great food but it's "calm and relaxing atmosphere" as the restaurant is "a tucked-away surprise" with a pond in the back.

As you may guess, seafood restaurants dominated much of the response. Local longtime favorites such as Lagneaux's, Don's Seafood, and Prejean's are great choices to represent Lafayette as well.


One of the best things about eating in Lafayette is the many restaurants who feature great plate lunches. Restaurants such as Laura's II Cafe, Dwyer's Cafe, and Dwight's Restaurant were mentioned by listeners - again all great choices!

Plate lunch, Laura's 2 NEXT Generation Facebook
Plate lunch, Laura's 2 NEXT Generation Facebook


We cannot forget about some of the other well-known restaurants mentioned by listeners - restaurants you should wear you Sunday best while attending.

Whether you want a great steak at Ruth Chris' Steakhouse, a meal featuring Southern-inspired cuisine at Charley G's, or "experience the elegance" at Petroleum Club of Lafayette while enjoying their take on some of your favorite foods, you can't go wrong taking a guest to any of these places.

Where would you take a visitor to eat in Lafayette? Our restaurants are so good that there are really no wrong answers!

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