Louisiana’s sole Democratic Congressman Cedric Richmond has been named co-chair for former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Richmond says Biden is committed to doing the opposite of President Trump, and former Governor Jindal, by investing in the people through education and healthcare.

“We keep having politicians tell us that we are going to cut funding and that is going to make us better. No, investing in the people in this country will make us better.”

There’s upwards of 20 Democrats running for the nomination, and Richmond says Biden wasn’t certain he wanted to run for President again but…

“After Charlottesville, and after seeing where we are in this country, he made the decision to run.”

Biden unsuccessfully ran for President in 1988 and 2008.

President Trump has torn into the Democratic primary frontrunner in recent weeks, among other things calling him a “loser”, “dummy”, and “the weakest mentally”. Richmond says Biden is used to taking out bullies and adds the former Delaware Senator offers a stark contrast to the President.

“It’s easy to call names but it’s hard to develop an economy that benefits everybody. It’s easy to call names but it’s hard to fix the healthcare system, so I wish he would stop calling names and just do the job.”

Biden is trailed in the Democratic primary polls by Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris.

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