LAFAYETTE, La. (KPEL News) -It's time to say goodbye to 2023 and to say hello to 2024!

Raise your hand if you've made a resolution at this time of the year before. And, if you have, how many of them have you actually followed through to completion?

According to, only 9-12% of people keep their New Year's resolutions. Studies show the most popular reasons that success rate is so long are because of four main reasons:

  • Unrealistic Goals
  • Not Keeping Track of Their Progress
  • Forgetting About Their Resolutions
  • Making Too Many Resolutions

Hannah Comeaux, Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Lafayette, works with clients every day helping them set goals that help them become better versions of themselves.

Most of us make New Year Resolutions but often times they fall flat quickly!" says Hannah Comeaux. "The reality is that lasting and meaningful change takes time and dedication but the results are going to be worth it!
Hannah offers these 3 tips to setting goals instead of making resolutions to start your new year.
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Small Changes Lead to Big Impact!

Hannah Comeaux: "Set smaller goals for a shorter time frame. If your aspirations are too big, they’ll be overwhelming. Too much, too fast and you’ll feel discouraged and give up. Don't let it. As you meet each goal, let it fuel the flame for more changes."
I'll drink to that!
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Find Supporters!

Hannah Comeaux: "Research has shown that 'teamwork' creates a recipe for success! Find someone with similar goals and have check-ins and seek encouragement. It can be a partner, friend, family member or a group that you join! If you mess up, there’ll be someone there to encourage you to get back up and try again."

Chart Your Course!

Hannah Comeaux: "Making lists for goals not only give you something to look forward to but something to look back on. You’ll create an ongoing list of accomplishments throughout the year! It's easy to only see where you are for the moment and let discouragement set in. Instead, continually remind yourself of how far you've come!"
If you need support and help reaching your goals, give us a call at 337-254-1181 to discuss how we can help!

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