Mitt Romney decided today to release his taxes from 2011.  In addition, his blind trust released a letter indicating that he paid his taxes over the course of a longer period of time before that.  In his taxes, he paid 14.1 percent with his income being based on investments.  In addition, he showed that 30 percent of his income was given to various charities.  The figures of his charitable giving come in at just around twice what the President does.

You would think that the media would be able to pour over these and come to the conclusion that this is a man that is charitable and wants to help people.  Instead, they spend time making fun of it and claiming that it isn't near enough.

For the media, it will never be enough to give credit to Mitt Romney for being who he is.  Yes, he is a flawed man, but then again, so are we all.  It doesn't seem to matter to the media that he has released what they wanted him to.  Instead of being satisfied and moving on, they choose to tear him down again.

Many have said it and I think it might be true, the media is trying really hard to get Barack Obama elected.  Never mind that he has broken his promises and generally stepped in it throughout the election cycle, he is the guy that they want and why wouldn't they try and "shape" the news by expressing their opinion in their reporting.

Mitt Romney needs to not try to appeal to the media and I really don't think he is.  He is trying to show people he could be President and he does have the credentials to do it.  Unfortunately we will have to put up with the media making him out to be an idiot.  Just remember that we need to look a little deeper before you make your decision.  Get past the hype and look at the facts and you just might be surprised.