Lynda Woolard is a diehard Saints fan. She was shocked when she heard the NFL reported nearly $9 billion in revenue last year, and enjoys nonprofit status. The league pays no federal or corporate taxes. Tax dollars are frequently used to fund new NFL stadiums. Woolard has started a petition, hoping to generate support for legislation in Congress to revoke the NFL’s nonprofit status.

“It's been a fairly well guarded fact that the most profitable sports league in the world has enjoyed non-profit status to avoid paying corporate federal taxes. That just doesn't pass the basic fairness test to the average American. 199,000 of us and counting are coming together to tell our elected representatives that it's time our voices are heard in the matters of the NFL.” - Lynda Woolard

Allison Joyce/Getty Images

NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell makes almost $30 million a year. He is higher paid than CEOs of companies like Walmart and Coca-Cola.

Oklahoma senator Tom Coburn has introduced legislation aimed at revoking the NFL's tax exempt status. His office states that revoking the tax exempt status for professional sports leagues would result in about $109 million in additional tax dollars for the United States.