The Saints took on the 49ers on Sunday in San Francisco. The matchup came after the Saints managed to pull of an upset of the 9ers' division rival Rams in the previous week. With a loss to Arizona and a victory over Seattle, this was New Orleans' chance to go 3-1 against the NFC west in a season that had so far been disappointing.

The game opened pretty dishearteningly as Alvin Kamara notched his third fumble on the season, coughing the ball up near midfield.

The 9ers would turn around and take 11 plays to go 38 yards. The Saints defense would tighten up and force a field goal for San Fran to go up 3-0.

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The two teams would trade punts and the Saints would have the ball to end a boring first quarter of football.

The Saints would be forced to punt near the beginning of the 2nd. Blake Gillikin would hit a coffin corner that set up the 49ers inside their own 5. That allowed the Saints defense to tee off on the 9ers and force a punt from deep.

The Saints would benefit from a 15 yard penalty on the return and be set up with excellent field position. The Saints got ref-balled all the way out of that field position. There's really no other word for it. One of the worst replay reversals in recent memory to take away a huge pass to Chris Olave and a missed PI call forced the Saints to punt.

On the ensuing drive, a few big passes from Jimmy Garoppolo got the 9ers deep into Saints territory. But the Saints defense stood tall again and held off the 9ers four times in a goal-to-go situation to get the ball back without giving up a single point.

The Saints played from deep in their own red zone and didn't get much. After another GIllikin punt, the 9ers would have the last possession of the first half.

The 9ers managed to move all the way into the Saints redzone and scored on a tipped pass that just proves how unlucky this Saints team is.

That would do it for the first half, and to make things even worst, the 9ers would have the ball first in the second with a chance to make it-take it.

The first drive out of the halftime break was a masterclass in how to play messy, undisciplined football by both sides. Multiple penalties, including one that undid rookie Alontae Taylor's first career interception, plagued the drive.

The 49ers escaped that drive with a field goal.

On the next drive, the Saints made it into field goal range. They were going to try a 4th down conversion, but Wil Lutz hanged it wide left. The Saints remained scoreless.

The Saints defense forced a 3-and-out and the Saints would have the ball going into the 4th on what would be a key drive if they intended to pull off the comeback.

The Saints were able to drive well into 49ers territory, but Alvin Kamara's 4th fumble of the season gave the ball back to San Francisco.

The 9ers, inside their own 5, couldn't get anything going and gave the ball back over to the Saints. With time getting shorter every second, the Saints were able to get into a goal-to-go situation but couldn't complete the drive. 4 plays inside the 5, not a single run, and the Saints were done.

The ball went back to the 49ers. They ran the clock out.

The Saints play the Buccaneers in Tampa next week on Monday Night Football.

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