If you want to avoid the rush and make sure your vote is cast for the upcoming runoff election you still have some time. That time is running out.

Today and Saturday are the last days that voters may cast ballots in the early voting phase of the November 21 runoff. Participation in the runoff phase of the election has been better than it was in the general election of October 24. 

Secretary of State Tom Schedler asks  you to consider this, November 21 is the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

You might have family friends coming in from out of town, you might be traveling, you may be going to a ball game, you may be hunting. So, a lot of people are getting out in front of this and early voting.

By voting early you can take one very important item off your list and still have time for family, friends, football, and food.  Secretary Schedler's comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. 

Schedler says that about 90% of those that have done early voting in the runoff election also voted in the general election.

We do not see a huge new voter entering in the general election. So, people for convenience are moving to get the election issue out of the way in the early voting cycle.

The bottom line is this, more people did not vote October 24th than did vote. That is sad. That is wrong. Take advantage of today and Saturday, don't let the holidays or a busy schedule be your excuse for not making Louisiana the best that it can be.