Senator Bill Cassidy has made a statement following the arrest of Cesar Sayoc Jr., a Florida man who is suspected on sending out suspicious packages to various politicians and CNN, saying there is no place in American politics for physical threats and violence.

"We in Louisiana know that particularly well because Steve Scalise... my gosh, was shot

Bill Cassidy, youtube
Bill Cassidy, youtube

by a deranged follower of Bernie Sanders, so we understand that passions are high and stakes are high but first of all, we are Americans," said Cassidy.

Cassidy says politicians have a responsibility to be cautious with their words as they have the ability to make an impact on those that are, as he puts it, not quite right.

"It's easy to talk about things just to get folks motivated, but we have to realize that there are some folks out there who are deranged and they will that which is meant as a metaphor and take it literally," said Cassidy.
Authorities arrested Cesar Sayoc Jr., age 56, in Florida in connection with the investigation.  Sayoc has criminal convictions according to public records.
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