Baton Rouge Senator Dan Claitor’s bill making it easier to sue someone if someone dies as a result of hazing has received Senate approval. Claitor says his legislation would extend penalties further by making it a civil crime if a death occurs as a result of hazing.

"What we refer to as existing damages or punitive damages, it relates only if you kill someone in a hazing action."Claitor’s measure is one of a couple of bills in reaction to the suspected hazing death of an LSU student last September. There’s also Representative Nancy Landry’s bill, the Max Gruver Act, which would increase the criminal penalties if convicted of hazing. Claitor’s bill would expand current law on who could be held responsible for a death resulting from a hazing incident.

"Not only to any college, but any organizations.  Anyone who engages in the hazing process."
Claitor says if his bill is approved, it would deter hazing related behavior, resulting in deaths. He says the criminal charges already in place haven’t done enough to curb this dangerous behavior.
"The bar is being lifted up higher and the definition is being expanded a bit."

Claitor’s legislation now heads to the House floor for more discussion.