Slidell Senator Sharon Hewitt will lead the Senate Republican caucus in the upcoming session, with the job of uniting the Upper Chambers’ GOP supermajority.

The fall elections likely brought an end to a Senate that aligned itself with Governor Edwards over the past four years, and Hewitt is optimistic the chamber can now pass a more conservative agenda.

“The thing that has been lacking in the past is that we have not really worked well as a team, and that is part of what I am hoping to do with my leadership role in the caucus,” says Hewitt.

Hewitt says the caucus is not opposed to having a relationship with Governor Edwards over the next four years if he is willing to find common ground with them on some conservative priorities.

“We want to work with the Governor on anything that he chooses to work with us on that would help limit the size of government, provide fiscal accountability, and further move free markets,” says Hewitt.

Hewitt says they’re still pinpointing exactly what issues will take precedence in the spring, but so far the caucus seems to be on board with one lingering issue.

“We know that one of the biggest issues this past campaign season had to do with TORT reform, and reducing the high cost of insurance,” says Hewitt.

The Senator also noted they could reconsider a proposal to move DOTD salaries into the general fund to free up money for roadwork.

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