A senate committee has approved legislation that prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes and vapor pens to those under the age of 18.

The bill was introduced by Ruston Senator Rick Gallot, who says the use of these devices by minors is a growing problem.

"Research that has been done to this point show that this is an increasing problem, with our children who have been able to get a hold of these products and I think there are negative health effects to children who are ingesting nicotine through these products."

Originally the bill only prohibited the sale of e-cigarettes, however an amendment was added in committee to also prohibit the sale of vapor pens to minor as well.

Bossier City Senator Barrow Peacock says when it comes to minors, e-cigarettes and vapor pens should be treated the same as cigarettes.

"It's becoming a problem. There's nothing in our state books saying that can't buy them or have them," Peacock said.

The measure heads to the senate floor for further discussion.

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