An announcement from Senator John Kennedy on his intentions to run for governor next year may be coming soon. According to senior campaign staffers, Kennedy has met with advisors and gave the OK for media consultant Fred Davis, who has worked with the governor in the past, to begin work on the 2019 cycle. When asked, Kennedy didn’t deny that talks have happened.

"Yes, I've spoken with my consultant, but I have made no decision about the race yet," said Kennedy.

Kennedy says he will make a decision soon, saying he’s already polled the race.

"The poll, it was a month ago.  I was at 51 (percent), Goveror Edwards was at 37 (percent)," said Kennedy

Kennedy is not saying when he'll make a decision, but says he disagrees with the direction Governor John Bel Edwards is taking the state.

"We don't agree in terms of what the role of government is," said Kennedy.

Attorney General Jeff Landry and U.S. Representative Ralph Abraham have expressed interest in running for governor. Landry has said only one well-financed Republican should jump into the race.

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