US Senator David Vitter joined 'Mornings With Ken and Bernie' today to discuss Town Hall meetings, Obamacare and FEMA flood maps.

Senator Vitter is participating in a number of Town Hall meetings across the state and when asked what topic was the most discussed he replied,

As I tell people at the start of every Town Hall meeting, this is not my Town Hall meeting it's your Town Hall meeting and the agenda is what ever is on your mind....But certainly at all of my Town Hall meetings recently Obamacare is absolutely at the top of the list.

The biggest question our listeners seem to have is 'didn't Congress just exempt itself from Obamacare' and to that Vitter said,

I'm very upset by that as are people all across Louisiana and the country.  This is exactly what people hate most about Washington.  Washington exempts itself from the rule it imposes on everybody else and we see that over and over.

Higher insurance rates for home owners seem to be in the offing because of new FEMA flood maps and Senator Vitter said,

Just a year ago they (FEMA) was taking the position that if a flood protection feature, like a levee provided less than 100 year protection they wouldn't count it for anything.  It would not appear on the map.  They wouldn't give it any credit.  We've finally backed them down off that so they will give proper credit to any feature.


Listen to the interview: