Christmastime can be difficult for many of us, myself included. A lot of us find it the most stressful time of the year. Imagine the feeling of having your credit card declined when you're shopping for Christmas gifts. That happened to shopper in London, and a stranger paid the bill, according to a report from "Jemma" was shopping for gifts in the cosmetics department of a London store when her card was declined. After the cashier ran it a second time with the same result, Jemma asked the cashier to keep it behind the counter, and went to a nearby ATM. Upon her return, the cashier handed the bag to her with a receipt, and a handwritten note. It read,"I know how stressful this time of year can be! Have a great Christmas! Bethany xxx." Jemma posted the above photo on her Facebook. If you're having a bout of the holiday blues, I hope this story helps a little.