President of Louisiana Good Roads Ken Perrett says people he’s talked to have been shocked to find out where this money has gone in the past.

“They think it is going just for infrastructure improvements, like roads and bridges, but the constitution as it is now allows some diversion and past administrations have used that to supplement the budget.”

Since the start of the Edwards administration, the state has ceased using gas tax dollars to plug other holes in the budget, and reserved that money for infrastructure. Perrett says LSP does not need the gas tax money, which is better spent on the state’s ailing roads.

“The state police are being adequately funded from the state fund, it’s been done for the past several years under Governor Edwards, who has not diverted the money. He’s found sufficient money in the budget.”

Even though it hasn’t been used to fund State Police in a while, Perrett says that could always change in future administrations, which is why this amendment is needed.

“This constitutional amendment gives the people confidence if they pass it that the money they spend on gas taxes will be used strictly for transportation projects, and not be diverted.

Early voting for the November 6th election that holds this amendment ends Tuesday.

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