Three Southeastern baseball players alongside their coach saved a woman from a burning wreck of a car in the great north of Kelowna, Canada. The team was headed to a summer league game when SLU catcher Evan Pace says they saw smoke coming up out of a ditch alongside the road.

“We were all just driving down the road and my coach and I were up in the front seat, we looked to our right, all we can see is smoke coming from the hood. It was getting pretty thick so we figured we had to get there pretty quick.”

Pace says he and his teammates, Trey Morgan of West Feliciana, Kyle Schimpf of Covington, and Coach Darren Westergard weren’t sure what to expect running up to the vehicle.

“I hope the persons ok, I hope we get there in time. It looked pretty serious at first; it was scary.”

Pace says once the smoke had cleared the athletes had gained a new friend, getting to enjoy some time in the car on their road trip before delivering the woman to safety.

“She was a sweet lady, she said she liked country and western music so that’s what we played on the way back. We tried to sing and keep her happy and she was laughing and singing with us sometimes, it was a fun trip back home.”

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