Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - We all work with that one person we steer clear of. He or she may not be friendly or downright rude, they may stink, that person may be unauthentically positive, or be the one who is a know-it-all. The staff at a doctor's clinic in Lafayette, Louisiana, is warning would-be employees about a member of their team, but for all the right reasons.

Every work place has a vibe. Most south Louisiana offices worth working in often smell like boudin, and people are generally satisfied. Visitors to some businesses may note that the staff is always happy, with authentic smiles and kind words for clients and each other. You may be a person who works in a more rigid, somber place.

Whatever the culture at place of employment, the hope is that it fits your personality. Louisiana folks tend to be more laid back while they get down to business, but that's not the case for everyone.

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A little fun and laughter during the workday makes life more pleasant for everyone and maybe even enjoyable. Who wants to work in a place that feels like you're in prison or working on a chain gang?

The staff at a chiropractic clinic in Lafayette appears to not only enjoy their jobs, but like each other as people. Recently, they had a little fun with an employee who may be the life of the proverbial party, and she played right along.

The video opens and it's not long before the viewer realizes we may be in for a smile. The TikTok creator asks each person who a new employee should be warned about. We find out at the end that, contrary to what the question implies, that particular staff member knows how to have a lot of fun, especially in south Louisiana.

Hopefully, the video below brings a smile to your face. Well done, staff of The Nerve Health Institute!

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