I've recently begun planning my summer vacation.

Virtually everyone feels the need to "get away fro it all" now and then. Summer vacations are the most popular. Travel gets expensive.

But, if you start preparing now, you'll be able to stash some money away for your trip, enabling you to minimize your use of credit or avoid it altogether.

Financial experts say we should only borrow money for things that will outlive the financial obligation. Travel + Leisure offers some great suggestions for putting away a few dollars for that trip. Little things add up over the course of six months or a year.

One great idea is to stop hitting that drive-thru coffee shop. You can buy a pound and make it at home for the price of one cup. Michelle McGagh saved $500 in a year on coffee alone.

She offers some other great suggestions.

Stay out of bars! If you're a beer drinker, you can buy a six pack for what 2 beers cost in a bar. If you're drinking in a private home, you're also in a much more controlled environment.

Here's another one many ladies won't like. Cut out the "retail therapy." Check your closet. How many dresses and pair of shoes are there that you've never worn? Get them out and wear them instead of shopping for more.

Quit smoking. When I was a kid, my best friend's parents saved one years worth of cigarette money and bought a new snowmobile.

By the way, if you've never tried that, it's a LOT of fun, but it's not cheap!

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