There is now a new member of the Atchafalaya Basin Program Oversight Committee.  Senate President John Alario recently appointed Senator Jonathan Perry to the panel.

The District 26 State Senator will now work on the panel which was created by the legislature in 2008.  Their goal is to "monitor, review and make recommendations" about the Atchafalaya Basin Program as part of the Department of Natural Resources.

The state of Louisiana and the federal government work hand and hand to make sure the basin is always available to the public.  Their goals also include making sure there are environmental easements, water management and recreation.

"The Atchafalaya Basin in one of our nation's greatest treasures and I am excited about the opportunity to make sure that we do everything possible to conserve and restore this important natural resource," Senator Perry said.

The Atchfalaya Basin is the nation's largest river swamp.  There are almost one million acres of swamps, bayous and lakes. The state of Louisiana is still working towards the creation of a 15-year master plan for the basin.