LOUISIANA RADIO NETWORK - The Louisiana Federation of Teachers is asking the state mandate facemask usage while on school campuses, instead of the current policy of recommending their use. LFT President Larry Carter says they’ve polled nearly 13,000 of their members and one issue stands out.

It was a big concern about safety protocols. And instead of just having guidelines, what mandates are going to be put into place to protect students and teachers.


Some localities and parishes have adopted mandatory face mask usage while in businesses and public buildings, but most have not. Carter says they’re serious about their facemask policy request and have been putting their money where their mouth is to make it happen.

We have almost 40000 faces masks that we've shared across the state. We have 31 local chapters and each one of them has the necessary face masks to give out.

The LFT is also calling on members of the Louisiana Congressional Delegation to support the House Democrat created HEROES Act that would fund additional safety measures in schools. If the state refuses to mandate facemask usage in schools could we see teachers participate in an organized walkout? Carter says that’s not being considered right now.

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