The statue of P.G.T. Beauregard was hauled away in New Orleans by a masked crew Tuesday night. Workers took down the monument of the Confederate General as opponents of the removal watched while waving Confederate battle flags and singing the National Anthem.

It took crews seven hours to get the equestrian statue off its base. Supporters of the removal threw a party just feet away from the opponents. One onlooker explained why this statue and all Confederate Monuments need to be taken down.

“These statues and monuments are symbolic of the negative parts of the history of this country, white supremacy, slavery and things of that nature.”

The next monument to go will be Robert E. Lee. One opponent present at the removal spoke out about why it’s important to keep these monuments up.

“I travel the country doing Civil War reenactments to honor our ancestors. They fought for our rights in the South and it’s just terrible.”