Today marks the one year anniversary of the shooting of US Representative Steve Scalise. Scalise was hit in the hip by assault rifle fire in a politically motivated shooting that targeted Republican legislators at a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia.

Scalise says his recovery was a tough journey, but he made it through with help from his family.

"It put a lot more focus, to me, on the things that are important in my life.  First is my family," said Scalise.

Scalise’s recovery was difficult, and required a series of complex, but ultimately successful surgeries to repair the damage. He says while he was out for months, he was just itching to get back to DC and continue his work as Majority Whip.

"I really did love doing my job, serving southeast Louisiana in Congress," said the Republican congressman.

Political analyst Clancy DuBos says Scalise’s story of recovery has lifted his national profile and solidified his status as a prominent conservative to watch in Washington.

Rumors are swirling that Scalise could be the next Speaker of the House of Representative, with current Speaker Paul Ryan retiring. At the moment, Scalise has pledged his support to California Representative Kevin McCarthy, but DuBos says the Golden State Republican has some major weaknesses that could leave the door open for a Scalise speakership.

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