Southeast Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise is set to seek his 6th term in office as representative of Louisiana’s 1st district. He’s regarded as one of the most influential members of Congress, and sits a Republican Majority Whip. Scalise says he’s worked hard to get some big wins recently in the areas of flood protection and coastal restoration.

“We were able to get language in the tax cut bill that got signed into law to increase the amount of money that Louisiana will get from revenue sharing, and estimates are that we will get over 100 million dollars of additional revenue for coastal restoration,” Scalise said.

But one of Scalise’s challengers, Democrat Jim Francis of Covington, says the Congressman’s substantial national profile has put him out of touch with the district he represents. Francis, an IT director at a Covington Lab, says Scalise has been negligent on gun control, and says he supports moderate gun reforms.

“For Mr. Scalise to simply say the answer to school shootings is simply to have more prayer, I would have to say it’s great but it’s not a direct effect on the people shooting up the schools,” Francis said.

Francis, who supports giving Medicare to all Americans, says he’s been particularly concerned with the Congressman’s positions on healthcare. Francis says despite its popularity, Scalise still voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which would have hurt his constituents.

“Overwhelmingly, the first district wants to the opportunities to have these protections and ultimately what it does is it allows people to pay less,” Francis said.

Democrat Lee Ann Dugas of Kenner says she’s concerned that positions Scalise has adopted, such as support for the trade dispute with China, will come back to harm Louisianans. The disabled Gulf War Vet, who’s run for the seat three times before, says she would stand up to the President’s push for more tariffs.

“The tariffs will affect the oil and gas industry, as far as the manufacturing of pipelines. My main concern is that Louisiana family farms are going to really suffer now that they did the soy beans,” Dugas said.

Scalise is also being challenged by Democrat Tammy Savoie, as well as Independent Ferd Jones and Libertarian Howard Kearney.

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