You may have seen the photo of this submerged vehicle making its rounds on Facebook today:

The comments seemed to make me think that people thought the car was actually on Ambassador Caffery, thinking that the water had gotten that deep.  I didn't believe it was possible for water to be that deep on Ambassador, so I did some research, triangulation, and even made assumptions, to come up with this theory: the car in the photo was NOT on Ambassador Caffery.

If you look at the original photograph, you can see the front of the oil change store, and just behind it, you can see the Home Depot sign.  In the foreground, you can see a tree, and the submerged vehicle is to the left of the tree, and more in the foreground:

In the picture below, taken from Google Maps, you can see the area where the original picture was taken: the oil change store on the right, behind it Home Depot; on the left, you can see a tree and a huge ditch.


Google Maps

This picture, from Google satellite imagery, shows the tree (the green dot), approximately where the photo was taken from (the red circle), and it also shows approximately where the vehicle was resting (the blue circle): in the ditch.

Google Maps


So, judging by my totally unscientific research, it appears that the vehicle drove into the ditch, and didn't just "get flooded" on Ambassador Caffery.

Do you see the same thing I see?

(Google, Facebook/KATC)