A new survey released by JMC Analytics finds Democratic Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell tops the poll, coming in at over 23-percent. Pollster John Couvillon says Democratic voters are rallying behind Campbell. He says fellow Democrat Caroline Fayard polls at 9-percent, so Campbell’s message seems to be getting out to minority voters.

“It appears that Campbell has more resources to get the message out and Campbell has the support of a sitting Democratic governor.”

Couvillon says it looks like it’s now a fight for the second spot in the runoff now with Republicans John Kennedy, John Fleming, and Charles Boustany all on each other’s heels. He says right now Kennedy is leading Fleming by one point, but Fleming is well positioned to make the runoff.

“Fleming is sitting in third place at 15%, if you add in the undecided leaners, Fleming nudges into the second place spot.”

The poll was commissioned by the Fleming campaign. Couvillon says Campbell is essentially a lock for the runoff. But he says we can be expect to see a big ramp up in ads from the three major Republican candidates.

“None of the other candidates are really happy with their numbers are, which means they’re probably planning to spend more money, attack each other, ect…”