A new survey sheds some light on what tempts Americans more than anything else.

Wanna guess? Eating junk food? Cheating on a spouse? Oh, why don't you just give in and read on to find out, already.

The number one temptation we have is putting things off, which tied for worrying or being anxious. Sixty percent say they wrestle with these issues. And while those are problems we've all dealt with to one degree or another in the past, there's a growing dilemma that's a sure sign of the times: nearly half of people in the US say they are tempted to spend too much time with media, including TV, video games and, of course, the Internet.

A poll of 1,000 people helped come up with the results. Here's a complete list of the things most likely to tempt Americans:

  • Putting things off/procrastinating - 60%
  • Worrying or being anxious - 60%
  • Eating too much - 55%
  • Spending too much time on media - 44%
  • Being lazy or not working as hard as you should - 41%
  • Spending more money than you have or can afford - 35%
  • Gossiping - 26%
  • Being jealous of others - 24%
  • Viewing pornography - 18%
  • Lying or cheating - 12%
  • Abusing alcohol or drugs - 11%
  • Expressing anger of "going off" on someone via text or email - 11%
  • Doing something sexually inappropriate with someone - 9%

We all know there is no surefire formula for turning our back on temptation, but there are several ways to try and fight it, with prayer being the most common method. Here's a look at all the ways people attempt to resist temptation when the little devil is on their shoulder goading them into doing something wrong:

      • Pray - 18%
      • Use reason and reminders - 12%
      • Just say no - 10%
      • Stay away from whatever tempts them - 10%
      • Focus on something else - 8%

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