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Taxpayers On The Hook For Bill Clinton’s Cinemax?
In yet another example of the unbelievable spending that takes place in the government, a recent report is sure to raise at least an eyebrow or two.  According to The Daily Caller, Bill Clinton used the allocations that were afforded him as a former President to pay for a premium package from D…
Does This Man Deserve Father of the Year?
Someone thinks he does.  That group is the National Father's Day Council, who chose former President Bill Clinton based on his,
profound generosity, leadership and tireless dedication to both his public office and many philanthropic organizations
The group's announcement came today...
Obama the Amateur
A new book has some shocking details about the President.  It claims that Bill Clinton said that Obama was an amateur and urged his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to run for President this year against him.  In addition, the author interviewed President Obama's doctor, who said that Obama…

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