Want To Be Successful? Avoid These People
There are several ways of defining success. One, of course, is material wealth. Another is having a fulfilling job, enough money to live comfortably, a loving family and / or, circle of friends. People who've achieved their definition of success have chosen their friends carefully.
Books With a Letter Missing Are Better Than the Originals
Remember that time that #BooksWithALetterMissing was trending on Twitter, and it was hilarious? No, because your life consists of more than clicking around the internet all day searching for meaning in your life that you're never going to find? Well, let us tell you -- it was indeed hilarious.
Who Is Your Favorite Author?
With summer upon us and vacations on the horizon, many people like to relax by reading a good book.  There are many to choose from in every genre imaginable from Sci-Fi to Westerns to Suspense and Mystery and many others.  There are lots of talented authors out there producing great work t…

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