Mardi Gras Knockout Teaches a Valuable Lesson
We have been hearing about the story again and again of Erin Fitzgerald being punched on Mardi Gras over a float in the Independent Parade.  Glenn Stewart now faces charges over a moment that will only be looked on with regret years down the road...
A Free Self Defense Class In Rayne
A free self defense class will be hosted at the Rayne High School gym for women of all ages. The class is on Wednesday, October 18th at 6:30 P.M. The class will be taught by Thomas Gossen of the Rayne Police Department. If you plan to attend, you may RSVP at 334-3489 or email Ray...
Fight At Event In Cade
A fight breaks out at an event at the Cade Community Center, forcing authorities in St. Martin Parish to arrest one person and issue citations to two others.

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