Summer Weather Is Here!
The calendar may not say summer is here, but Mother Nature decided it was time for us to feel the heat.
Hot and humid with a slight chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms is the Saturday forecast, according to Rob Perillo and the meteorologists in the StormTeam 3 Weather Lab...
The Heat Is Coming Back For Louisiana
La Niña, a cool air and cool ocean mixture affects the united states and the weather it brings. La Niña may be in the Pacific Ocean, but it affects the central areas of the United States as well. It causes the temperature in the Pacific Ocean to be lower in certain areas.
Heat Warnings Continue For Athletes
So many kids have been working hard at football practice or band practice, and the worry for parents continues. Parents and children are being reminded as they are starting to head back to classes and working so hard at parctice, that heat-related illnessess can be deadly.
Elderly Should Heed Warning About Heat
A Kent State University study says that often elderly individuals do not heed warnings to make sure they are careful in the heat.  The study cites that the elderly tell researchers they don't heed the warnings because they don't feel as old as their age.

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