Jaci Russo

Branding For The Greater Good
Jaci Russo of Razor Branding joined Brandon and Bernie for her weekly Brand Buzz segment this morning to talk about the success of Russo's campaign for Lafayette General, it's coverage in a recent magazine article, and how the campaign is an example of what Russo calls 'branding for t…
Brand Buzz: Advertising Review
Jaci Russo joined Bernie and Brandon for her weekly Brand Buzz segment on Acadiana’s Morning News and offered her insight on how to assess the performance of the advertising agency that represents your business as well as the sad state of Louisiana sports.
Brand Buzz - N
Jaci Russo shared her thoughts on what political candidates can do to encourage greater voter turnout while also better ‘building their brands’ in this week’s Brand Buzz.
Working Remotely Can Be A Breeze: Brand Buzz
Working outside the office rather than being tied down to a desk is becoming an accepted practice, but many business owners don't realize there are a bevy of tools available to make that practice more streamlined and effective.

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