Local Evacuations Lifted
The massive flooding predicted after the opening of the Morganza Spillway hasn't materialized and yesterday the last of the mandatory evacuations for St. Landry and St. Martin parishes were lifted.
Nine Bays Open At Morganza
It began with one, and now a total of nine of 125 bays of the Morganza Spillway are open with the goal of diverting an increasing amount of Mississippi River water from the Baton Rouge and New Orleans areas.
Flooding Prevention Efforts Continue
A multitude of state agencies are continuing to work on plans for flooding in Louisiana.  Sandbagging, equipment distribution and more manpower has been enlisted.  Here is the breakdown from the State's Joint Information Center.
Morganza Open
After days and days of speculation, and Governor Bobby Jindal saying "if and when" the when has now happened, as the Morganza Spillway has been opened.  The plan is that by opening the Morganza it will relieve pressue on levees in New Orleans and Baton Rouge.
Morganza Spillway Opening
The Army Corps of Engineers is expected to open the Morganza spillway on Saturday, sending a torrent of water into the Atchafalaya River basin but taking the pressure off levees that protect populous Baton Rouge and New Orleans and oil refineries and industries.
Levees Being Reinforced
Governor Jindal says efforts to protect communities from severe flooding from the rising Mississippi River are going on 'round the clock.
Jindal Says Leave Now
Governor Bobby Jindal continues to try and hammer home the point that those likely to be impacted by Mississippi River flooding in the coming days should be getting out of harm's way.

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